Nant - Find File By Pattern

Post date: Sep 30, 2015 6:27:03 AM

This is a script snippet that returns the path to the first file found in ${directory} that matches ${pattern}

<script language="C#" prefix="files" > <code> <![CDATA[ [Function("find-file")] public static string FindFirstFileInFolder(string startDir, string pattern) { // Returns first filename that matches the pattern. var files = Directory.GetFiles(startDir, pattern, SearchOption.AllDirectories); return files.Length > 0 ? files[0] : null; } ]]> </code> </script>

This examples finds the package zip file in the target folder and copies it to a specific package archive directory.

<target name="copyZipToPackageFolder"> <property name="pattern" value="*.zip" /> <property name="target.folder" value="${directory::get-current-directory()}\target" /> <property name="" value="${files::find-file(target.folder, pattern)}" /> <copy file="${}" tofile="${archive.package.path}" /> </target>