Finally some real gear 2011-01-30

posted Apr 21, 2011, 1:04 PM by Peter Henell
The tiny flourescent light is replaced by a 2x58Watt flourescent light. Time to expand the operation again.

A bunch of new seeds planted and most of the old plants are moved to a new home. Thank you, delivery to the door with all the goods i could ever need.

I really like this watering tray, will make it much easier water all the plants.

Seeds planted so far:
Piri Piri
Spanish Pepper
Unknown chili
Bhut Jolokia
Hot Lemon
Cayenne Long Slim
De Cayenne
Jamaican bell
and some more...

For my new seeds i don't rely on tissue paper anymore so i got these fancy things at ICA. Finally some garden equipment available.

Some plants visible in the window enjoying some winter sunshine.